Gear // Live and Studio


Gibson Les Paul Goldtop (2010)
Gibson Les Paul Premium Plus (1995)
Gibson Les Paul Classic  (2000)
Gibson Les Paul Standard / Black (1996)
Gibson Les Paul Custom (1977)
Gibson Les Paul Custom (1981)
Gibson Les Paul Custom White CS* (2015)
Gibson Es 335 (2003)

Musicman John Petrucci JP6
Full Loaded in Pearl Redburst
Musicman John Petrucci JP7
Full Loaded in Pearl Redburst

Ibanez JEM7V-WH
Ibanez Saber S 540
Ibanez Universe 7-Sting

Fender „Blackie“ Strat Deluxe CS*
Fender Strat USA 1971 White
Fender Strat Richie Sambora Signature
Fender Strat Deluxe
Fender Tele USA 2010
Fender Stratocaster Highway One

Takamine Limited Edition 1998
Takamine EN12C
Taylor 414 CE
Godin A6
Yamaha Apx 10
Yamaha Nylon CGX 171

Peavey Vandenberg Signature
Ibanez Bass ATK

*Custom Shop


MesaBoogie Roadking
MesaBoogie 2:90
MesaBoogie Dual Rectifier
MesaBoogie Triple Rectifier
Marshall JVM 410
Marshall Slash 7/2011

Fender Blues Deluxe
Fender Twin Reverb 1971

ENGL Retrotube 100

Kemper Profiling Amp


3 x Mesa Boogie 4×12
2 x Mesa Boogie 2×12
1 x Marshall 4×12


TC Elecronics g force
TC Elecronics g major
TC Electronic Dark Matter

Rocktron Intellifex
Hermida Zendrive
Blackstar Dual
Ibanez TS 808
MXR Phase 90
MXR Badass Distortion
MXR MC-402 Boost/Overdrive

2 x Line 6 X3
2 x Line 6 POD
2 x Budda Wah
Boss AD 3
Boss Digital Delay
Boss Chorus
2 x Palmer ADIG – LB


2 x Mac Pro
2 x SPL Goldmike
RME Multiface
Steinberg Cubase Pro (Endorser since 2016)
Neumann, Brauner, Sennheiser & Shure Microphones
Dynaudio Monitoring

Das Scheit - Soulmate Believing A Lie Digging In The Dirt My World Collides (Featuring Amanda Somerville) Spear Of Fate My Serenade Homeland Through The Eyes Of A Child You Can Sleep While You're Dead Absinth